Okay my american chums, I know jack about american punk, so this may seem a bit Euro-centric, but I only write about what I know… A refreshing change eh?

No.1 Bill Grundy promotes Sex Pistols

This created the whole ethos of Punk Rock, turning a small London phenomenon, based around a few bands and followers, into a media storm. Funny thing is it was only screened in London, so the rest of us would not have known about it, had it not been fo the national press screaming with outrage over these obnoxious punks! before this interview there was no knowledge of punk in the shires, well apart from those who listened nightly to John Peel… We had heard the music, but it was still an enigma, so when the scummy tabloids wrote screaming headlines…


We few followers suddenly felt vindicated… We were part of something… And that something was ANARCHY! Which seventeen year old would not feel thrilled.

No.2  The First ‘Punk’ Band on Top Of The Pops

Though it’s debatable whether Eddie And the Hotrods were truly punks, it’s a revisionist position,for in our book, when they went on Top Of The Pops, this represented a breakthrough for us provincials. Punk was real, and it was in our living rooms… In front of Granny…f.f.s!

No.3. Spiral Scratch – The Buzzcocks

The significance of this E.P. was the way it was produced.

Buzzcocks recorded the tracks on 28 December 1976 at Dave Kent-Watson’s Indigo Sound Studios, Manchester on 16-track Ampex tape. According to singer Howard Devoto, “It took three hours [to record the tracks], with another two for mixing.” Produced by Martin Hannett (credited as “Martin Zero”), the music was roughly recorded, insistently repetitive and energetic.

The band, having no record label support, had to borrow £500 from their friends and families to pay for the record’s production and manufacture. The EP was released 29 January 1977 on the band’s own New Hormones label, making Buzzcocks the first English punk group to establish an independent record label. Despite this, the disc quickly sold out its initial run of 1,000 copies, and went on to sell 16,000 copies, initially by mail order, but also with the help of the Manchester branch of music chain store Virgin, whose manager took some copies and persuaded other regional branch managers to follow suit. (source: Wikipedia)

That ethos of producing your own records, without the aid of a major record company, was probably the starting point for all Indie music and changed the face of the music industry forever… Thank God!

No.4 The Stooges Eponymous album 1969

Whilst pre-dating the british punk movement by nearly a decade, for us in England, we came to it through punk, and its energy and ballsy attitude would provide the emphasis for our home-grown punks… No fun was covered by the Sex Pistols as an act of homage to the great Iggster!

No.5 New Rose- The Damned

New Rose” is the first single by British punk rock group the Damned, released on 22 October 1976 on Stiff Records. It was the first single by a British punk group, and was released in the Netherlands, Germany and France in 1977.

Although all the noise in the music press and media in general, was about the Sex Pistols exploits and the Clash gigs, it was The Damned that beat them all into vinyl!

Damned,Damned, Damned is also considered to be the First British punk album too!

No.6 Sex Pistols ever-changing Record labels

The press and the record industry ignored the Sex Pistols at first, but by the end of the summer the uproar — both acclamatory and denunciatory — was too loud to be ignored. In November EMI outbid Polydor with a recording contract worth £40,000. The Sex Pistols’ first single, “Anarchy in the U.K.,” was released in December. That month the band used the word “fucker” in a nationally televised interview. The consequent outrage led promoters and local authorities to cancel all but five of the dates scheduled on the group’s national tour and EMI to withdraw “Anarchy in the U.K.” (Number 38 on the U.K. chart in January 1977) from circulation and terminate its contract with the Sex Pistols.

In March, Matlock left to form the Rich Kids and was replaced by John Richie, a previously unmusical friend of Rotten, who named him Sid Vicious. That same month A&M signed the Pistols for £150,000; just a week later the company fired them for a balance payment of £75,000. In May Virgin signed the Pistols and released their second single, “God Save the Queen,” timed to coincide with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee that June. The song was immediately banned from airplay in England. Nonetheless it was a top-selling single (cited as a blank at the Number Two position on official charts, listed as Number One on independent charts). (source Rolling Stone)

This was when the punks outside London Grew weary of the whole Malcolm Mclaren circus, as john Lydon succinctly put it… Public Image limited!

No.7  Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood Sex shop

Although to us rural  punks, the Whole westwood/mclaren fashion ethos which was latched on to and in a way created the punk look left us cold… We would have to create our own look, It was essential to the proto punk movement, from The Sex Pistols and the bromley contigent, Vivienne westwood’s fashion was their uniform, from bondage gear to swastikas, it helped create an anti-establishment ethos for all of us. Punk was thus put on the avant-garde edge of culture… Anarchic, and taboo, it gave us out in the sticks a vibe to emulate.

no.8  The Second Wave

By the time the first bands from the U.K. had record deals, (see above), the movement was becoming pandemic across all areas of the U.K. The so-called 2nd wave saw Scores of new punk groups formed around the United Kingdom, as far from London as Belfast’s Stiff Little Fingers and Dunfermline, Scotland’s the Skids. Though most survived only briefly, perhaps recording a small-label single or two, others set off new trends. Crass, from Essex, merged a vehement, straight-ahead punk rock style with a committed anarchist mission, and played a major role in the emerging anarcho-punk movement. Sham 69, London’s Menace, and the Angelic Upstarts from South Shields in the Northeast combined a similarly stripped-down sound with populist lyrics, a style that became known as street punk. These expressly working-class bands contrasted with others in the second wave that presaged the post-punk phenomenon. Liverpool’s first punk group, Big in Japan, moved in a glam, theatrical direction. The band didn’t survive long, but it spun off several well-known post-punk acts. The songs of London’s Wire were characterized by sophisticated lyrics, minimalist arrangements, and extreme brevity. By the end of 1977, according to music historian Clinton Heylin, they were “England’s arch-exponents of New Musick, and the true heralds of what came next.” ( source: Wikipedia)

No.9  The legendary Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall gig 4th June 1976

Strangely, the gig isn’t one that Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon, recalls the details of that well. But he does remember that “if we were going to play outside London, Manchester had to be the place,” he told the MEN.

“They say everyone who was at those gigs went out and formed a band, but that wasn’t our plan – or our fault!”

It wasn’t just bands either. Celebrated photographer Kevin Cummins was there, then a photography student at Salford, as was writer and journalist Paul Morley. Facts remain vague on whether Anthony H Wilson was really at the second show six weeks later, but certainly the Granada TV broadcaster – who would go on to mastermind Factory Records and co-found The Hacienda nightclub – saw the Pistols at the venue at some point.

It is said that this gig spawned four bands from Manchester:

The Smiths- enough said.

Joy Division – Good til the talent left.

Magazine – Brilliant at times

The Fall – Peel Legends

No.10  Siouxsie & the Banshees finally get a Record deal!

Although the banshees were among the first punk bands to form, they were probably the last of the first wave to get a record deal. John Peel had been heralding them throughout that time, giving them live sessions on his show… So this initial single came as a bit of a disappointment… I mean it’s poppy and danceable for god’s Sake! Luckily the first album “The Scream” was more in keeping with the aura which the band had always portrayed. And 40 years later they still remain this old punks favourite band.

Thanks for your time

live in love my friends

Dale xxx




The motion of the ocean was making his stomach do somersaults as he lay on his bunk. He looked across at his porthole and saw white caps on the waves. He jumped out of the bunk and looked up at the sky. The bright sunny day had disappeared, dark clouds glowered above, and a snow flurry drifted down. He thought that maybe the weather was mocking him, creating a dull literary device…

Fuck you’re pathetic fallacy!” He thought, and decided he wasn’t going to mope around down in the bowels of this tub any more. He made his way up to the top deck; going up to the brow of the ship and screaming at the God’s to do their worse. The snow felt like tiny ice picks on his face as the ship crashed through the waves. He thought of Katie…

They had been going out long distance for about six months when Glenn had popped the question. She had come up on a Friday afternoon and they had met in the centre of Birmingham. Glenn had got off early, on a technicality, because he technically hadn’t gone back after lunch. They had gone up to the Art museum, because it was cheap and highbrow enough to make them feel grown-up. They had been around the jewellery collection and she had pointed out a beautiful gold cluster that she would have loved to own.

Would you like a ring?” Glenn had asked in innocence.

What do you mean, are you gonna buy me one?”

If you want…”

What does that mean? Are you asking me to marry you?” Glenn played the goldfish… He hadn’t meant that at all, he was just trying to be nice, to buy her something nice, MARRIAGE!!!!! Shit!

Would you marry me?”

Yeah, I think I would.” Shit! The next question came out without registering on Glenn’s brain.

Do you wanna get engaged?”

Do you?”

Sure!” Glenn’s knees felt wobbly he needed a stiff drink. They walked the half-mile up to the jewellery quarter, and spent a happy hour going around all the wholesalers looking at engagement rings. She picked a diamond solitaire and Glenn went up to the Natwest to draw out his hard-earned. Eighty fucking quid! Two weeks wages! And he’d been saving up for a motorbike! Fucking women! Yeah fucking women, that was what all this was about, but she was so sweet, so good, and looked so like Chrissie Hynde…

That was the beginning of the end for Glenn and Katie, suddenly everything stopped being fun. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it stopped being about them, parents became involved, tricky questions, such as where would they live, how would they survive on the meagre wages that Glenn earned as an apprentice. Both realised they were not ready for all of this. Glenn spent a fortune on her for that Christmas, buying loads of Albums and taking her to see Queen, even though they were the antithesis of what he considered good music…

Then there was a phone call…

She rang on Boxing Day. He was away from her because he’d had to go away to his Nan’s for Christmas, his father insisted that the family be together, have a traditional Christmas, Christ they even went to midnight mass…

She cried on the phone, she couldn’t say the words… Glenn couldn’t hear them… It felt like he was being strangled by a boa constrictor, slowly the world was turning black…

But I love you!”

I love you too… It’s just too much… It’s all too much…”

We are for ever… You said that, those were your words not mine!”

Glenn… It’s too soon, I haven’t lived enough, I need to see more of the world. I’m not ready to become a housewife…_””

So don’t get married!!”

What’s that supposed to mean? You asked me, you know you did!”

I asked you if you wanted a ring, you just jumped to the conclusion that I meant an engagement ring… and then it was too late to get out of it without hurting your feelings”

I’ve met someone else…” The chill of the ice pick severed the connection between his heart and his brain. Someone else? How could there be someone else? She had said that he was the only one… She had said that! She had made him feel like a king…

I hope you’ll be very happy together. Can I have the ring back and all those fucking awful records that I stupidly bought you for Christmas.”

What? You can’t take presents back, you bought them for me, I love my ring… Can I keep it please!”

She cried. Glenn hardened, wanted her to feel pain.

Send it back, you fucking whore, I’m not gonna have you going round telling everyone this ring was given to me by Glenn Rivers, the famous singer, living off of me for the rest of your life, go get your fucking mechanic to buy you a ring, bitch!!”

He’s a plasterer…”

Do I sound concerned? You were shit in bed, like shagging a fucking plastic doll!!”

Glenn please don’t ruin the good memories I have of you, don’t let’s end it like this…”

Fuck you!”

No you won’t be. Not any more, goodbye Glenn it was nice knowing you…”

She put the phone down. He stood looking at the flaccid receiver. His Father came out into the hallway,

Lunch is ready son.”

Fuck lunch, fuck you!!” Glen opened the door and ran into the rain outside. Fuck everything. He ran for miles, not stopping, not thinking, he just wanted to die… To stop the pain, anything to stop the pain…

Please God, make it stop!”

Glenn stopped running. He had no coat and it was freezing cold, the heavy rain had shifted to sleet, and he was miles away from his Nan’s house, out in the wilds of Leicestershire. Glenn sat down on a bench in a park in the middle of a sleet storm, freezing his arse off, crying like a baby. His big romance was over; biting bitterness was eating away at his soul… He saw a dark figure approaching through the gloom, it was his father, and he gave Glenn his coat,

You’ll catch your death out here without a coat, son!”

Thanks, Dad… Dad… Why does it hurt so bad?”

Son, you’ll have to ask your mother… I’m not much good at the emotional stuff.” He turned away and walked back in the direction of his Glenn’s Nan’s. Twat! Just when goes and does something nice, he ruins it by acting like a Regimental Sergeant Major. Stiff upper lip my arse, thought Glenn, fucking middle-classes, you can’t like ‘em, you can’t shoot ‘em!

[Another extract from : Seasons in The Sun copyright Dale Beck 2018]

Thanks to all for sticking with me

Live In Love

Dale xxx


Every Little Bit Hurts – Spencer Davis Group – Their First LP

Everybody Hurts – REM – Automatic For the People

Hurt – Johnny Cash – American iv

Hurting Each Other – The Carpenters – the Singles

I Hurt You – the Pretenders – Learning To Crawl

Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes after Sex – EP

When It Hurts So Bad – Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation Of

You Can’t Hurt You Anymore – Clinic – Funf

You Hurt Me – Hooverphonic – SINGLES 96-06

She Put The Hurt on Me – Otis Redding – Complete & Unbelievable




imagine this:

Not still a boy

but a man:

Taken from home

Taken from work

Dressed in Khaki

Given a rifle and boots.

Turned back into:

A child,

scolded and scorned.

Screamed at an inch



Hold your rifle right…

Left right left right…

And you, a man

Treated as a man

since you were fourteen…

Working as a man from that age.

And now your back to the remove.

And you have signed up for this,

by free will you are sectioned…

In a long cold hut,

with a row of cold cots

and clown cuts…

Barbered by butchery.

Prepared for butchery.

And you with a baby at home.

The reason you signed on.

To save the world from

Savagery and cant.

No neither can I.

Imagination only takes you so far…

copyright Dale Beck 2018

I had a thought about both my grandfathers enlisting in the army back in 1939, and I realised that I couldn’t really put myself in that position. I know now I would be a conchie – a conscientious objector. Passifist is not an easy option, no-one thinks that it is brave to opt out… But as I have no wish to be involved in any elites sordid war games, it is the only option open. I would rather be shot as a traitor than take a life.

Live in Love my friends

Dale xxx


Did I Imagine You – Dot Allison – Acoustic

An Imagined Affair – Elbow – Leaders Of The Free World

I Can’t Imagine A world without Me – Echobelly – Best Of

Imagine – John Lennon – Shaved Fish

Imaginary – Peace – Happy People

Imagination – Xymox – Twist Of Shadows

Imagine Me Imagine You – Fox – Fox

My Imaginary Guy – Deanie Parker & The Valodors – Complete Stax/volt

Song Of Imaginary Beings – IAMX – The Alternative

Three Imaginary Boys – The Cure – Three imaginary Boys




Though it was only the middle of March, the weather was warm and mild, as the ferry set out for the open sea there was not a cloud in the sky, there was a gentle swell which made walking along the deck a comical alcohol-free drunken gait, which could be developed into a useful technique for making friends and influencing people, if there were any people around worth meeting… but at this time of year, the passengers seemed to be predominantly business men, or salesmen rather, for surely business men would rather fly… He perused his fellow promanaders for potential sexual partners, but was disappointed, there was a definite lack of solitary females on display. He went down to the deck below, where people sat around tables, drinking tea and coffee, smoking, and reading papers, there was no real hubbub, no real excitement, as there would have been on a summer season ferry, these were not holiday makers of on an adventure, these were regulars, people who were used to crossing oceans, and those that were not used to it, or were excited, had the good sense to hide their emotions.

Glenn joined the queue of people waiting patiently for the bar to open. There was an announcement over the tannoy, saying that the bar would be open as soon as they were outside of British waters, Glenn gave a silent cheer… He needed a pint badly, even though it was barely passed half past ten in the morning. In the queue in front of him were the usual suspects… people in suits, old men with nothing to look forward to but their next pint… And glory be! A woman! He looked at her closely and thought not bad! Not good… but not bad… Maybe the journey would not be a complete washout. She appeared to be a little older than him, roughly mid-twenties in a good light, she was running a little to seed, her breasts were plump, and she had a little weight around her midriff… But her face was still quite cute and her legs were shapely and long… with a rounded rump that would fit neatly… My god! I’ve become Toni! He suddenly thought, and felt ashamed, and a little turned on!

The bar opened and the ritual drinking began…It was a long journey by ferry, and with the stop at Guernsey, it would take about eleven hours… Thank god for the cabin his father had insisted upon! At least he could get some sleep. The girl in front of him ordered a large gin and tonic, which impressed Glenn; he didn’t know many women who could drink doubles at this time of the morning… But then he had never been to Jersey before… Glenn tried to match her bravura, and ordered a vodka and coke to go along with his pint of Skol. She had sat alone away from the suits, drinking her drink and looking blankly out of the porthole beside the table. Glenn tried a direct approach; he stepped up to her table and said,

Do you mind if I sit here?”

It’s a free country!” She answered without looking at him. He sipped his pint, and necked his vodka in one. He felt the heat of the alcohol burn his stomach and it felt good! He looked at her intently, wandering if he was going to have to turn his charm offensive to full, for at the moment, his twinkling Irish eyes were having no effect. This was probably because Pam had not yet looked at them. Pam was desperately trying to hold herself together, and did not want or wish for company at this precise moment. Pam was a staff nurse at the general hospital in St.Helier, and she was on her way back after making the long trek back to Manchester to bury her father. Her grief was purple tinged with guilt, he had been diagnosed with cancer six months before and though she had repeatedly promised that she would go home to see him, she had deliberately put it off, until he had died… Alone and lonely! The worst of it was that not 12 months earlier her mother had been similarly diagnosed with breast cancer and Pam had rushed back to be at her side. She had spent the worst six weeks of life sitting beside her ailing mother, trying to be cheerful, trying to convey positive vibes, whilst all the time knowing that she was getting closer to her death with each passing day. When she had died, it had been a relief… Pam tried to block the relief she had felt, but it flooded through her like a tidal flow, at last she could get on with her own life. When the call had come through from her father she had automatically known what it was… And she had also known that she was not going to be his nursemaid, she was not going to be there for him… She knew that if she had been there she would have been suicidal. So she ignored it, she went out nightly, when not on duty, with her flat-mate, Tricia, and they got hammered. She had gone back home only because her cousins had insisted that she really needed to be there for the funeral.

She had gone to the funeral home to see her father’s corpse. She had no fear of corpses, as a nurse she met them almost daily, but she had not been prepared for the look on her father’s cadaver’s face! He had a death mask that could speak only of despair, absolute and utter despair, and she knew at once that she had failed him. His only begotten daughter, could not be there to hold his hand and smile for him as his life slowly ebbed away, because she was elsewhere doing the same for strangers… As she thought of this irony she looked out at the sea’s aching swell, and suddenly felt sick to the pit of her stomach… She retched deeply, from the bottom of her solar plexus, and projectile vomited … Straight at Glenn! At the sight of this, several neighbouring travellers reached deep inside and found they too were feeling seasick! Four people rushed out of the lounge, desperate to find the nearest toilet! Glenn sat there in a state of apoplexy.

This was not what he had expected. It was not even within the repertoire of what he might have expected. He frowned, like a backwoodsman caught in the glare of an alien spaceship, he was at a loss at how he might react. How could he extricate himself from the situation with some dignity? There was no way to escape it with dignity, so he ran… He ran down all the stairways until at last he reached his cabin. He stripped off his clothes and washed himself as best he could in the tiny sink. Shit! That was the most extreme reaction he had ever had from a woman, he hadn’t even said anything, not even his infamous chat-up line, “Do you fuck?” Which had gone down a storm at the Cup all those years ago. He’d only tried it once, and got slapped for his temerity; still… any reaction is a starting point.

excerpt from Seasons in the Sun  (Copyright Dale Beck 2018)

Live In Love My Friends

Dale xxx


A Kissed Out Red Floatboat – Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll

Sink My Boats – Ian Dury & the Blockheads – New Boots & Panties

Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats – Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down In Broadway

U Boat – Kasabian – Kasabian

Boatsong – Kleenex – liliput

Where The Boats Go – M83 – Hurry Up we’re Dreaming

Night Boat To Cairo – Madness – One Step Beyond

Sugar Boats – Modest Mouse – Strangers To ourselves

Rachel Built A Steamboat – Teardrop Explodes – The Collection

Wait Til Your Boat Goes Down – XTC – Fossil Fuel




You caught me sobbing,

Deep heaving, heart tugging

Sobs from the solar plexus!

Soul draining tears…

“For a dog on the t.v.?”

You asked incredulously,

“The dog… yes the dog…

but no not just the dog…

The girl tugged at her hair…

Just like you used to

When you were a girl…

The girl you were before…

Before the interminable wait,

before the thirty three years went missing,

And… And I could hold you then

as I hold you now…

I sob for what I missed,

A yearning nostalgia

For the ages in between!”

Copyright Dale Beck 2018

Just a thought.

Live In Love my friends

Dale xxx



Distant Dreams – Blue Foundation – Life Of A Ghost

Distant Sun – Crowded House – Recurring Dreams

Distant Past – Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

Distant Lover -Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

Distant Sky – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

A Distant Relation – John Cooper Clarke – Snap,Crackle & Bop

Distant Solution – Yello – The Eye

No Distance Left to Run – Blur -13

Long Distances – Savages – Five-finger Discount EP

Distance – Editors – The back Room







You talk about money as if it was real…

It is not.

It is an abstract realisation of work.

like tokens?

It is no more real than an old barter stick

or i.o.u.

It’s the way of stealing labour by the Man.

Suckling Pigs!

They wave paper in your face, a magic wand,

and you bow.

Do you not feel this a mighty injustice?


Marx would recoil in horror at this torpor,


The fact is we are too tired to create a fuss…

They have won.

Copyright Dale Beck 2018.

It is important that we all remember that money is a concept and not a reality. It is a token for labour’s done, but it is also a swindle, a way for the rich to become more enriched by our labours. If we can stop confusing this abstract with reality, maybe we can begin to build a better more equitable world. I know it is a prayer and not a manifesto… And dreamer’s get shot.

But I’m old and I don’t care.

Live in Love my friends

Dale xxx


Money Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper – Twelve Deadly Cyns

Money – Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Free Money – Penetration – Moving Targets

Money Don’t Matter Tonight – Prince – The Very Best of…

You Never Give me your Money – the Beatles – Abbey Road

You Take My Money – The Damned – Best of

Fist Teeth Money – Polica – Give You The Ghost

Blood Money – Primal Scream – XTRMNTR

More Money, More Fire – Steve Mason – Monkey’s Mind in Devil’s Time

She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer – Greatest Hits


honu turtle world 1


So many irrefutable truths are moot.

Great swathes of truth planed away

The big blue ball is flat…

shaving 500 years

Of progress







in this world

My truth has no currency

I can’t believe in mediocrity

Can’t hold on to two planes of reality

Where up is up and down simultaneously.

I don’t blame schrodinger but His cat

Live and Death is now a moot point.

And God is a cloud-faced Jesus…

Are we being played by the Elite?

Are we lost in a deliberated maze?

Will it all come good?

I don’t know what I know…

I don’t proclaim answers.

I just scratch my head,

and my arse.

copyright Dale Beck 2018

Just a thought, awoken by this thought at 3am.

Too Much Youtube will send you mad.

Live in love my friends

dale xxx


The Day The World Turned Dayglo – X-Ray Spex – Gremfree Adolescents

Do You Believe In The West World? – Theatre Of Hate – Westworld

Mad World – Tears for Fears – Songs From The Big Chair

Best Of Both Worlds – Robert Palmer – Double Fantasy

Real World – Pere Ubu – (1975-77)

In This World – Moby – 18

Saddest Vacant Lot in All The World – Grandaddy – Sumday

This Blue World – Elbow – The Take-off And Landing of Everything

Unfucktheworld -Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire for no Witness

Harvest For the World – the Christians – Island Life

The world I know – Collective soul – Added by Ankit Thapa

( A friend a world away from here)




I used to envy the young

oh the future that they would have

you see this was the promise they gave:

toppermost of the poppermost

every day would be better than the last…

I would look at the young

and think… oh to have their future!


The future they promised shimmered

like the emerald city

like the mole’s crystal castles

before he got glasses…

But we all got glasses…

the illusion of a glowing future

became ashes snowing down

across the Big Apple sun drenched sky.

I look at children with pity now…

pity poor tom…

the future hangs like a black cloud

over the blameless young,

the biscuit on the tongue

stale and inedible,

and every day as it gets worse,

they will sing hallelujah!

Ready-made blog today friends, long hours etc…

Live In Love

Dale xxx


Trust In Me – Siouxsie & the Banshees- The Seven Year Itch Live

Small Town- Morcheeba – Who Can You Trust?

In Dust We Trust -The Chemical Brothers -Exit Planet Dust

Trust the Sun – Elbow – Little Fictions

In Power we Entrust the Love Advocated – Dead Can Dance – Facing the Other way

Trust In Me – Belly – Sweet Ride (best of )

Untrust Us – Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles

Every Little Means Trust – Idlewild – Everything Ever Written

Trust – Moby & the Void Pacific Choir – More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse

Don’t Trust the Stars – The Auteurs – New Wave





It’s not so bad… You face change.

And it’s liberating. Nothing stops.

And it’s good. So good… You fear how good,

because acknowledging how good could hex it.

You stop cynically stepping on cracks

like a godless goon biologist…

No fairies must be risked!


I’m in a space, a self-inflated reality,

which a pin might pop.

Creation is so arduous…

Concentrating on one fixed point…

Whereas reactionism is easy.

And so banal!

I hold her box tight shut,

and maintain Hope for all.

copyright Dale Beck 2018.

For a change today’s playlist is actually a mixed tape prepared for my beloved Marie, when we were just getting back together after 33 years. It amounts to a love letter in music.


Norwegian Wood (this bird has flown) – The Beatles – Rubber Soul

Reach out (I’ll Be there) – Four Tops – Greatest Hits

Gudbye t’ Jane – Slade – Slayed!

Quicksand – David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Song For Europe – Roxy Music – Stranded

Scared to Dance – The Skids – Scared To Dance

Israel – Siouxsie & the Banshees – Nocturne

Lorelei – Cocteau Twins – Treasure

And She Was – Talking Heads – Little Creatures

Willow – Joan Armatrading – Show Some Emotion

Lullaby – The Cure – Disintergration

Stone Heroes – Penetration – Moving Targets

Heart-shaped Box – Nirvana – In Utero

Crush with Eyeliner – REM – Monster

Liquid Air – Air Liquide – Bionaut mix

Velvet Divorce – Sneaker Pimps – A Life Less Ordinary

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day – Morcheeba – Parts of The Process

Saturday Come Slow – Massive attack – Heligoland

Sexy Boy – Air – Twenty years

Surface to Air – Chemical Brothers – Push the Button

Cloudbusting – Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love

Hands Around My Throat – Death In Vegas – Scorpio Rising

Fingers Of Love – Crowded House – Together Alone

Sweep – Blue Foundation -Sweep Of Days

Elegantly Wasted – INXS – Elegantly Wasted

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Glenn sat on his bunk in his cabin and felt the throb of the engines change their pitch, were they moving? He jumped up and looked out his porthole, sure enough the ship was moving sideways, sliding out of its mooring. Again the engine throb changed and the ship began to move decided to take a walk up on the deck. He went port side of the ship and saw the mooring slowly slipping in to the distance; he could not see his family… He imagined them already on the trip back to the midlands, he could just hear his little sister, bleating are we nearly there yet? Even as they left Portsmouth! He thought that although he hated them all, he would miss having them around. He would miss a lot of people! He missed Katie… God how he missed Katie! They had been together for almost a year, which was a record for him, they had been engaged and everything… Then came the Boxing Day massacre!

Katie had come about because of an act of friendship and altruism. His childhood friend Danny, whose family had moved to Oxfordshire, had been involved in an accident on his motorbike. He was badly injured and as soon as Glenn had heard about it, he had rushed down to Banbury to see him in hospital. Glenn had taken a week’s holiday and stayed with Danny’s family to be able to visit him every day… Danny had a severe injury to his left leg, which had required a vein graft, and though Glenn tried to put a brave face on it, the smell from the wound got worse every day when he went to see him… Glenn thought that it must be gangrenous; it smelt as putrid as the tannery he passed in Tamworth on the way to his Nan’s! On the Thursday afternoon, when Glenn arrived at the hospital he found Danny’s bed was empty, and feared the worst… He asked the nurse what had happened and she told him that Danny was in surgery, that he was having his leg removed because gangrene had set in. Glenn asked what the prognosis was… And though the nurse tried to be hopeful, he feared the worst.

On the Friday, Glenn was asked to stay away from the hospital, as only his mother would be allowed to see him. Danny’s younger sister asked him to go to the disco with her, at least that would take their minds off of Danny. Yolanda, Danny’s sister was cute, but Glenn had never noticed, she was just Danny’s little sister, and as such was out of bounds… Yolanda had however, no such qualms about Glenn… She had held feelings for him ever since she was six, and he had helped her wash-up. Yolanda was the middle child of three, and her mother had made her life hell, whilst their mother had doted on Danny and his young brother, Yolanda had always been treated as a skivvy. Glenn had hated himself when he was younger for standing by and not saying something when their mother had used to smack Yolanda around the head for non-existent crimes, but now that Yolanda was 16, and nearly as big as her mother, she would not take her mother’s bullying any longer, she was ready to fly the nest at the first opportunity. She was also ready to make a move on Glenn, even if her brother was on death’s door, she was determined to live!

They took the train into the centre of Banbury and made there way to the pub, where Yolanda had agreed to meet her friend from work. As soon as Glenn saw her, he had realised that this was the one… the one he had been waiting for… The one that made all of the other girls he’d known seem ugly. She was beautiful… But not just beautiful, she had a glow, which was like the radiance of a heavenly body, She was the sun and he just wanted to be drawn into her orbit… Christ! He thought, if my friends could see me now! Creaming myself over a younger girl! Much to Yolanda’s chagrin, Glenn and Katie sat talking to one another all night… When it came for them to leave Glenn had kissed her gently and they felt frozen in the moment until Yolanda broke the spell by saying,

Christ you two, give it up, we’ll miss the sodding train!”

Glenn took her number and promised to ring the next day.

Yolanda and Glenn sat up talking until the early hours, whilst waiting for her mother to come back with news of Danny. Yolanda felt the urge to tell Glenn how she felt about him, but somehow the moment had passed, she could see that Katie was all he could think about now. She cursed her stupidity, why didn’t she take him to the local for a quiet drink, he’d have never met Katie, and he might have been hers… Such is life, as Victor Hugo famously said…

Danny had his left leg removed, high up on his thigh, the gangrene threatened to take the rest of his leg and his life, but the doctor’s eventually brought it under control and he survived.

Yolanda fled the nest and Glenn never saw again, though in recent weeks he had thought about her on several occasions and wondered if he should not have gone out with her.

Glenn went back home on the Sunday, but rang Katie every night for a week, before she eventually asked her foster mother if he could stay there with them over the weekend. The foster mother relented and allowed that he could stay as long as he slept in the conservatory. Glenn Left work at three on Friday and travelled down to Banbury on the train. And so it carried on. When he had gigs she’d come and stop with him, when he had no gig he would go down to hers… They lived on the phone, and slept alone!

Another snippet from my novel. Little tease …

Live in Love my friends

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Last Dance – Donna Summer – greatest hits

At Last I’m Free – Elizabeth Frazer (Robert Wyatt) – Rough Trade Stop me If…

Everybody knows You Cried Last Night – the Fratellis – Costello Music

The Last Thing You Should do – David Bowie – Earthling

The very Last Boy Alive – Babyshambles – Sequel to a Prequel

Last Bookstore In Town – Graham Parker & The Rumour – Three chords good

Last Train To Trans-Central – KLF – The White Room

Last orders – The Fall – Early Fall

Last Saving Grace – Penetration – Coming Up Air

Look At Last Night – Slade – Slayed?




Everything you know is based on lies. Sunday is the day for contemplation. The Sabbath as proscribed by the bible… Err No, in the Hebrew tradition, the Sabbath is Dusk on Friday to dusk on Saturday. This is the God’s day. His day of rest.

The position now dominant in Western Christianity is that observance of the Lord’s Day, Sunday, supplanted or superseded the Sabbath commandment in that the former “celebrated the Christian community’s deliverance from captivity to sin, Satan, and worldly passions, made possible by the resurrection on the first day of the week.” Early Christians observed the seventh day with prayer and rest, but they also gathered on the first day. By the 4th century, Christians were officially observing the first day, Sunday, as their day of rest, not the seventh.


So, though the holy scripture states quite categorically that the last day of the week should be observed as God’s day, the Sabbath according to the Torah… the Basis of the Pentateuch, the early Christian Church arbitrarily proscribed that the first day of the week should become the day of rest because Jesus rose on the first day of the week.

The point of this little biblical journey is that the TRUTH is a moveable feast. This is the problem with having a BOOK in which all truth is codified. Firstly, the Christian Book of Truth or Bible if you will, is a Book four or five languages removed from our own language.It begins in Aramaic, then Hebrew, from Hebrew to Greek, Greek to Latin then Latin to  Middle English, and finally into modern English. Let’s just try that, see how much meanings change through each language:

ENGLISH : The Truth will Set you free.

LATIN : veritas vos liberabit.

GREEK : αλήθεια θα σας απελευθερώσει

HEBREW : האמת תשחרר אותך

ARABIC (Aramaic is not available):  الحقيقة سوف تحرر لك

HEBREW:האמת תשחרר אותך

GREEK : αλήθεια θα σας απαλλάξει

LATIN :Et liberabo te in veritate

ENGLISH : The truth will free you.

I think this adequately proves that translation is fraught with difficulty, because nuances are subtly shifted from one language to the next. I did not change the original phrase just shifted it through each of the translations as was. If you want to try this yourself google translator is your friend. Now, what I have done here is use modern equivalents of the language shifts needed to make the Torah into the Pentateuch. Which is e very different progression from the original pathway. Aramaic does not necessarily equate to Arabic, but it was the closest equivalent I could find. BUT… the truth is Latin is also a dead language and modern Greek is not the same as Ancient Greek and Hebrew is a language without consonants, so although the words remain the same, without context the letters are not the language. Finally, Middle English is not the same as Modern English. To take one word commonly used in the 17th century, when the King James Bible was written,

complaisant –inclined or disposed to please; obliging; agreeable or gracious;compliant:

Now this word has fallen out of usage, and the modern reader would be inclined to think that  the word is an archaic way of writing  the word  complacent:- pleased,especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages,situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger ordefect; self-satisfied.

As you can see this is far from the case. So truth defined ultimately as the word of God as written in the Bible, is a failure to understand the truth. In the past, we didn’t have to think too much about these problems. The Bible was a sacred text written in latin, and therefore only interpreted by latin readers. The word was thus controlled by a mediating agent, and that agent was the Roman Church!

Given that Rome was an archetypal Empire, akin to the English Empire or maybe Hitler’s Germany, Napoleon’s France, or Pol-pot’s Cambodia… Would you want the word of your God to be codified by their agents?

How do we know what is the truth? We have an innate knowledge of what is right… we call this humanity or humanitarian, but is truth the same as right?

I always try to tell the truth. I don’t like lying or dissembling , it goes against my nature. Yet there are truth’s I can never reveal. Truth’s that would upset other people’s world view with no good purpose. So I don’t reveal them. If asked the question outright, I would probably have to reveal them, because the concealment of these truths is a burden I would like to be rid of.

So friends, continue to believe they put a man on the moon… Continue to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, that Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK… That a few arabs with stanley knives took down 4 airplanes, and destroyed the Twin Towers… Continue to live in a neat little bubble, where truth is packaged for you by the 24 hour news service… Just don’t ask me the question.

Live In Love my friends

Dale xxx


Truth – Bloc Party – Four

My Truth – Cocteau Twins – Four-Calendar Cafe

The Truth – Daphni – Fabriclive ’93

Policy Of Truth – Depeche Mode – Violater

Tell The Truth – Derek &the Donimoes – Layla

Truth no:2 – Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces

Time For Truth – The Jam – In The City

Give me Some Truth – John Lennon – Imagine

Truth Hits Everybody – The Police – Outlandos D’Amour

Sugar-Coated Bitter Truth – The Slaves – Are You Satisfied?