Just a little blog about my books and the most duplicitous thing I have ever done in my life. I have always been a bibliophile, ever since I learnt to read properly about the age of eight. I have written before about how I was put off from reading by my school’s use of ITA reading scheme, but once I got the reading bug… I read everything. Books became my holy reliquary. I have always had an almost religious relationship with books. i cannot let them go. I will lend them out but only if I’m sure I will get them back.

So, it was almost with a sense of bereavement, when my ex-wife refused to have my books on show in the house. I had to tote them up and stick them in the loft. it was the final indignity. When my partner first moved to the town, I decided it was time to move my books. I took a week off work and secretly shifted my books from the loft and into the new flat. I told my ex-wife I’d took them to the charity shop. Within the week I’d moved out of the family home and in with my beautiful angel. She immediately bought five floor to ceiling bookcases, and I scoured the charity shops and car-boot sales to fill them. Never feed an addict. I now have thousands of books, they overflow the bookcases… My spare bedroom is now a library.



I love the smell of old books and the feel of them, almost a fetishistic delight. And here is my latest edition…28685609_10211680516069693_1908317080401228257_n

I just love old Penguin books. I haven’t read Kipps since I was 13, can’t wait to get started.


9 thoughts on “MY BOOKS

  1. I love this post. I have similar obsession with book. I dont even remember my age when i started reading.
    Only thing i enjoy shopping for.
    I have a very old crumbling ‘works of jane austin’. The vintage look and smell of old pages..just amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your collection 🙂

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