We used to fight like cat and dog in the mornings before school… I was forever slamming the door, as I was made to go to school,
“I’m never coming back this time! I hate you!”

I would be back at lunch-time. All forgotten. I wasn’t a morning person… Neither was my mom.

She was a nightmare to have as a Mom when you were a teenager. She was so damned attractive! Full of fun, hippy chick schtick… All my friends fancied my mom… Made me feel sick. The thing about being a teenager, you are very self-absorbed, selfish and self-centred. Your mom is there to see to your needs, your wants, your desires… Last thing you want is your friends hanging around making moon eyes at her.

Things change. My Mom, has been my closest friend ever since those pimple years faded, we have been through a lot of stuff together, stood side by side, together, almost like brothers in arms. It has not always been easy, but she has always been there for me, and hopefully she knows I have always been there for her. I’m not an easy son to have. I have a lot of out-there ideas… lots of lunatic tendencies, but she has always been patient and helped me through to the other side.

I like the fact that we still speak every day on the phone; I like the fact that I never have to self-censor, I can say pretty much anything to here and it will not shock her. I guess I’m kind of glad she was such a hippy chick back in the day…Now!

She is a brilliant grandmother, she has always made the time to play with all the kids, made them feel as if they were the only person in the world that mattered. Even now, all of my kids and my brother’s kids, want to spend time with her… (Probably the amount of drink on offer has a little to do with it)

Okay, enough shmultz already, This is for you mom, Happy Mother’s Day!


Your ever loving favourite Eldest Son.



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