It started out as a normal work day. All the merchandising teams had been gathered together in Hatfield Homebase to learn how to re-merchandise the tools section of the store. Given that there were over 25 of us there, the whole project was relaid by 12 o’clock lunchtime. The co-ordinator then asked if we wanted to stay and help the merchandising team of that store finish up the job. Given that it was St.Patrick’s day the unanimous answer was a resounding No!

We made our way back to our digs in Hemel Hempstead and once settled we were away to the pub. The weatherspoon’s in the town was a lively place to drink, to put it mildly, basically every night is a fight night! We started with about eight of us and over the next few hours this number slowly dwindled down to two. Paul and me. There had been several outbreaks of fisticuffs during the afternoon, but Paul and i had taken the precaution of taking time out to go for food. With the breaking of our fast, we gained our second wind. The others had all left and we had begun a conversation with a couple of nurses. When they said they had to go, we decided to tag along. they were going to a st.paddy’s day party in St.Albans. We caught a bus across town to the new venue. There was a secret knock to gain entry into the pub, as it was a private party.

“Who are these two?” The landlord asked.

“Oh They are just Clingons.” One of the nurses answered.

We then drank solidly until the party gradually drew to an end. We chatted to lots of lovely nurses and a fine time was had by all. We then offered to get a taxi back to Hemel, and graciously paid for it. The nurse on Paul’s arm was friendly… He gave her a solid necking but got no further. My nurse, was a good twenty years younger than me and I was not after any sort of romantic liaison, but we had a lovely long chat, and a peck on the cheek when we parted.

As we walked up to the digs, Paul went on to tell me how much his nurse was into him and that he would be meeting up with her the next night.

We were sharing a room with Dave, the poor sap who had been left behind to finish the store. He was in bed when we got in and so we woke him up.

“Where the fuck did you two disappear to?”


“What were you doing there?”

“We were invited to a party by two nurses.”

“How much have you had to drink?”

“I have no idea, but we’ve been out twelve hours, so I think it’s safe to say, enough!”

“And your still standing… Got to say boys I’m impressed!”

“Paul’s in love again.” I said.

“Did you get her number?”

“No, but I’m meeting her again tonight.” Paul Said.

Dave laughed.

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen.”

” It Will, I tell you she was mad for me.”

Did she meet him the next night?

Of course not. The innocence of youth.


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