My beautiful daughter, Amy holding her beautiful daughter *******, name witheld til finalization. Probably the most beautiful picture ever. Having to wait for 8 days until this moment probably the longest wait she has ever had to go through.

God love you both xxx

17 thoughts on “UPDATE : BABY

      1. Aww. My dad is going through same phase. My sis have a 3 week old baby girl. All we get to hold are pictures as she is in another country.

        Yesterday my sis sent a picture of her holding the baby and my dad was like..”im sending child protection people you are holding her wrong” he calmed down when she warned she wont be sending anymore pictures 😆


      2. typical protective granddad! my daughter said, do you know how to hold her… i said yes, i’ve been a dad for 32 years… i think ive got this covered.


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