So beautiful in hue,

Even as it sits on the muddiest pool.

So tender and yet tenuous…

The miscreant light which reflects

And refracts the oily texture

In brilliant shade of the rainbow.


What oil or fuel creates this film?

Which plays like a kaleidoscope

With the sunlight

Providing a spotlight

To highlight the false gloss,

The powder puff and schlap,

Which paints pollution as a pious prism

Splitting light into primary parts

And tenderly torturing the lungs

Of Us All!

Copyright Dale Beck 2018


5 thoughts on “RAINBOW BLUES

  1. this post is, in my humble estimation, amazing
    image, words, remarkable
    well done
    maybe i like it so much because i have asked myself honestly before, is an oily puddle rainbow pretty?
    i have never mustered an answer
    also miscreant light, pious prism, and of course… schlap
    you, my good wordsmith, are the real deal

    Liked by 1 person

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