What is the enduring appeal of these icons from the past? people like Che, James Dean, Jim Morrison, etc. All died young and under tragic, or murderous circumstances… obviously all were beautiful looking people, But they have been dead for decades… So where is the appeal? I guess I’ve already answered my question, They were young, attractive and to some extent idealistic. In the 60’s someone like Paul McCartney would have been on as many walls as Jim Morrison or James Dean, But now? I don’t think of Paul as an icon anymore. The reason is he’s now elderly, his looks are no longer iconic and his persona is now establishment rather than anti-establishment. John Lennon on the other hand would still be viewed as iconic, simply because of his murder and the fact that he had not sold out… At the time of his death.

So, in short, we want our icons : Young, beautiful, idealistic and preferably Dead!


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