So, the tentacles of outside

Scrape hard against the inside…

Would they did not!

It is an irksome task

To paint on a smile

and obsequiously scrape

a knee, and feint a gladness

Seldom realised at their intrusions.


The sanctity of Inside,

With shrugged-off airs

and ease toward the graces,

Of time and contemplation.

In Age, these are invaluable

And the lack of diversion

An honest blessing…

This is the sanctity of Inside!


Back beyond was a time

Where Outside was yearned for…

Glimpsed through a window darkly…

Noises, like laughter

And friendly taunting!

Outside encompassed ambition:

To be abroad

Held in esteem.


Follies I find quaint now,

Like gobstoppers

Or spacehoppers

And the watched clock…

Anxious to explore

Now seeking to implore:

Don’t look outside,

They have spilt something awful on it!

Copyright Dale Beck 2018

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