These represent some of the stages my paintings have gone through, I searched for a style through abstract, landscape and figurative. It has taken years to get anywhere near good enough to satisfy myself. I know that a lot of these are rubbish… But they are a useful to a would-be artist as paintings that people can readily enjoy. Some are political… I was angry about chem trails and tried to paint the desecration of the skies as I saw it.

A lot of the shard paintings describe the disintegration I felt during my seperation and divorce. To be honest, It was more to do with guilt over letting my children down than thinking I had made a mistake. Moving in with the woman I love was the best thing I ever did… For all of us, I think.


5 thoughts on “ARCHIVE : OLD PAINTINGS

  1. Disintegrate :-

    1. The process of losing cohesion or strength.
    2. The process of coming to pieces.

    I didn’t realise that moving in with me caused you such a jagged wound.

    Although, other than your painting courting Diane’s favours, only the last five here were done after you moved in with me.

    Therefore no shards can be attributed to how you felt over leaving.

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