What I love about this picture, is Ellie’s concern for the baby!

I’m very proud to be a Granddad. Your have probably noticed that from my blogs. the reason it means so much to me is that I never expected to be around to meet any of my grandchildren. I have a lot of crap going on, Various illnesses and after five years of five different specialists, to be honest, I never thought I’d be here to meet a grandchild. But by a series of misadventures it’s happened. I’m determined to make the most of it… Whilst I can. She is so beautiful, just like her mum, Amy, my wonderful daughter.

It is because of this event in my life, that I have started to paint again. I hadn’t painted for over two years… Bowie died, and I tried to create a painting as an elegy to his passing, but I couldn’t get it right. So i gave up. Now, I have suddenly worked out how to do it, It’s a revelation! It is a technique which is beguiling easy. I’m not sure it’s art though. My methodology is almost like an idiot savant, which is a horrible name, but i’m sure you will have heard of it or seen their paintings.


This is anΒ  example. Savant painters are painters who have a form of autism which enables them to remember things in exact detail. I am slightly border-line autistic or aspergers, I have never been tested. I have several abilities i find embarrassing. I can count in different bases, Like binary or base 3 or 4. I find this soothing. I can remember scripts from films, and lyrics from songs… I quote them all the time. Really quite embarrassing. I can remember layouts of pages from books, can quote passages… etc etc.

Really not that useful. i have an I.Q. of 176, or at least I did have last time I was tested. Again, really not that useful… I drive a van for a living! I don’t respond well to authority and have a sticky record with management. I have had two written warnings, not because I can’t do my job, but because of my attitude.

Back to the point. My paintings are done with a technique similar to a savants, But mine is not so much with line as with tone. i have always struggled with my paintings because I’m colour-blind. My son is a lot worse than me, he can’t see a difference between green, red, orange or brown, but with me its green and blue. Which makes painting landscapes quite difficult. I love landscapes, but my greens become a mass and I cannot seem to find away out. But what I recently found, is I can paint tonally, By exaggerating the contrasts and limiting my pallet to a few colours I can create images which people really like.

Now, the crux of the matter. I have always given my art away, because I felt that art is something precious… I know this makes me sound like an idiot, but I really do feel art is too important to be reduced to a capital value. I enjoy giving it to people who will enjoy it everyday. But, with the birth of my Granddaughter, I suddenly realised, I have nothing of value to pass on to her. So I began feverishly painting pictures, with the hope that out of this a solution to my impercunity would arise. And in a way it has… Some very kind people have asked if I would be interested in selling my paintings. And I say, I’m thinking about it… And I am, because, I want to be able to offer support to my little phoenix and to my own kids, and my beautiful Marie. But I still have this weird feeling that to sell my Art is to sell out… Am I completely Nuts?

I also know that this mad feverish painting is an episode before depression sets in. And I should ride the wave whilst I can. Does any of this make sense to you people? You are all artists, you know the vagaries of the artistic temperament… Am I alone in these feelings of ambiguity?


22 thoughts on “RETURN OF FATTER BELLY

  1. That is great that you are painting again – you have a real talent! I don’t know about selling it or selling out. I think it is great stuff and would sell. My son is color blind (as is my dad) – both have trouble seeing the differences in colors in landscapes as well – made me wonder what their painted pictures would look like? Happy you are here for your family as well as the birth of your grandchild – she is precious!

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  2. First, what a wonderful photo. The love is shining.

    Second, nothing nuts about you. In fact, I find the more you share, the more I think you are gift to our planet. An uncompromising human being with incredible gifts.

    Last, as a granddaughter whose strength to overcome the storms I would face in my life, came from a granddad I adored holding me just like that throughout my crazy childhood – I think you are already giving her, her most precious and powerful possession – YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

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  3. Dear Dale,

    First of all, what a great picture! I’m really glad you get to live this wonderful adventure of grandparenting πŸ˜‰

    You know what I think about the idea of selling your art already! I think there is no shame in selling your work. There would be, if you painted anything just to get cash, but I see nothing wrong with getting money for paintings you put so much work in doing. In general, people pay to get things they can’t do themselves. So, to me, getting paid because you have good customer service habilities, or great painting skills is the same.

    Plus, hey! How will I ever get one, if you don’t start selling, uh?? πŸ˜‰ I understand how you can give your paintings to friends and family of yours… But how about us, (almost) strangers? Hehehehehehe… Think about it πŸ™‚ Oh… btw, I might take two, when you open your e-boutique. My brother is color blind too, and he loves art. I think he would like your style and would find it cool that neither of you see colors the way the majority does πŸ˜›

    Finally… If you know that your drive for painting has ups and downs, please make the most out of this urge you have right now πŸ™‚ And keep us posted!

    *hugs* xx


      1. It is in your in-box already πŸ˜‰ But really, don’t feel any pressure… But if it inspires you, I’d be very excited to see what you can make out of it πŸ™‚ xx

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  4. Thank you for this overwhelming post, Dale. We love your paintings, your playlists and most importantly your updates about Phoenix. We await your posts eagerly and pray for your good health. Love always, Myrtle

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  5. I love the photo, Dale. What a precious little bundle. Here’s my take on your question. Do all three: sell it to people who value it enough to pay for it, give it away to those who will cherish it, save it for your granddaughter. Create for the pure joy of it, and don’t worry about the rest. ❀ Wishing you a wonderful week. ❀

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