Third Tuesday in a row, I’ve had another incident. Somebody is telling me to take a sicky on Tuesdays. Week one I hit a wall, Week two I hit a hubcap on a parked car, and this week I scared a motorcyclist enough to make him stop and swear a lot at me and try to punch me in the face. Firstly, I wasn’t going to pull out in front of him, I was just edging out to see around a stationery car, but he thought I was going to and it obviously shook him up. Secondly, after learning the lesson from a fellow driver who got punched in the face by and irate motorist, I wound my window up, so as not to allow a clear shot at me. My crystal ball got the footage on film, so I could have made a complaint against the motorist, but I thought if it had been the other way around I might have reacted in the same way, so I refused to take it further.

I’m not a hero, but I think he had enough of a scare without me making it worse.

I’ve always said I don’t like Mondays… But Tuesday is knocking on it’s door as the new worst day of the week.


9 thoughts on “BLOODY TUESDAY

      1. I don’t have great knowledge in white magic, but it seems to be a very commun thing to do, to burn sage to “purify” places and beings 😉 You got nothing to lose, do you? hehehe Jokes aside, I am glad you could keep your calm, and not escalate this road rage situation… I’d hate to leard that you got hurt.


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