A Crack in the Ocean – Anne Pigalle

Ocean of Noise – Arcade Fire

Oceania – The Birthday massacre

Swimming in your Ocean – Crash Test Dummies

Ocean Of Night – the Editors

A knife in the Ocean – The Foals

Ivy – Frank Ocean

oceans – Gary Numan

Ocean – Goldfrapp

Oceans – Sleep Thieves

Ocean – The Velvet Underground

Another Toe In The Ocean – Pixies

Following on in a nautical theme from yesterday, and I have liquid sounds very much in the fore front of my mind as Marie spent six hours throwing up last night… very upsetting and distressing for both of us, I have gone from sea to ocean. Who knows the next may even be lakes… Not that at all predictable or boring. I’ve taken a few days off from painting but I may succumb to the temptation later.


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