Do you remember

Taking the puffball

Seed head of the dandelion

And blowing?


How many blows

It took to clear

The parachute seeds?

That was the time!


One O’clock, one puff,

Two O’clock, Three,

It was never Four…

But it gave life mystery.


Just as we ascertained

That buttercups

Shining yellow on your chin,

Denoted that you liked butter!


Bogus concepts

of a magical realism…

Like jumping the cracks

to avoid killing fairies.


For years I have been told

That I have some talent as an artist,

And I viewed such claims

As fatuous as a buttercup!


And now?

I’m blowing a dandelion…

Accepting a modicum of truth,

but I’m no clearer.


What to do with a talent?

For years I buried it safe,

Nothing would grow there…

But I couldn’t stop!


I need a new sorcery…

To take this magic

And turn it into gold,

Maybe I’ll find a Rainbow’s End?


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