Just another run of the mill day of being me. My laptop keys were sticky, so I decided to clean them. I know, turn it off first is advisable. Anyway, I was half way through the procedure, when I realised I hadn’t turned it off, and I couldn’t think how to… I know ridiculous. So anyway, I scrubbed the keys clean and lost the cursor in the process. Screams to my technical adviser, Still upstairs, hiding from me… Marie! Help! She came with all the technical know- how and procedural requirements… Two Hours later, several full-scale attempts to reboot, refresh and reset to a previous day, still no effect. After all of this, I fathomed a fn and square key pressed together returned the cursor.

Nice. Just another day of me excelling at being me. Too much brains can seriously mess up your common sense.

Marie says, I’m the best at being me there is…

I kind of agree, not sure, but I think it was a compliment?


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