NEXT PAINTING … YOU DECIDE… one day left to vote



top left : 1. sid vicious  2.jimi Hendrix  3. James Cagney

Bottom Left : 4. Debbie Harry  5. Madonna  6. Heath Ledger as the Joker


OK my friends, I’ve only got one canvas left… Until next paycheck, so I thought I’d let you decide which one I do next. These six are some of the images I’ve already prepared to paint, but if you have a special image you would like me to attempt,  I’m happy to try.

Which ever image gets the most votes i will paint in the next week. If you come up with a different image to paint, I will add a new picture to the list.

I hope you enjoy this idea. I may even make a present of the picture to anyone who wants it.


10 thoughts on “NEXT PAINTING … YOU DECIDE… one day left to vote

    1. sorry Aquib, should have named them… Presumptuous to expect people to know who they are. 3. James Cagney. I’ve named them now, thanks for bringing that to my attention

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  1. Ooh, good fun! I’m an old movie fan, so my vote is for James Cagney as well. It seems very appropriate since most of his movies were in black and white. Your style of painting would best display the type of character he usually played in the films.

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  2. I think the Debbie Harry would be neat to see – but I see another vote is needed currently between Madonna and Cagney – they both look good – I guess I would choose Cagney

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