Cellphone’s Dead – Beck

Reach You On The Phone – Blank Realm

Hanging On The Telephone – Blondie

The Telephone Call – the Chromatics

Telephone Girl – Eddie & the Hotrods

The Phone Book – the Editors

Telephone Line – ELO

Mechanical Telephone – Janis Ian

Phone Ghost – Outfit

He’s On the Phone – St. Etienne

Phone Call – Summer Camp

The Phone Call – The Pretenders

Girl On The Phone – The Jam

Put Your Number On My Phone – Ariel Pink

Ok I got a new android Phone, a Razer for the initiated, which meant having to transfer all my contacts across to the new number and phone. So, of course, my existing phone decides to die at the very time I needed to access it. Screen just went dead. ok, it’s a nokia, so I can access its working by the nokia suite… Or not. So then I got an even older Nokia phone so I could manually transfer the numbers… Only the only number it could access was a deleted Vet number for our old address. Back to my newer old phone, several leads later, I managed to sync it to the nokia suite, but could not take the numbers off it into another file. So had to transfer them all manually. Another case of being the Best Dale I can Be. Everything is always a major crisis. You would think that with bluetooth and wifi this sort of trauma would be obsolete… Probably is for everyone else. I’m by natural inclination a Luddite, so when I’m dealing with electronics, Marie has to hide my Hammer!

Always my favourite waste of time!


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