Having been rudely awakened by Ellie, pictured above, running frantically upstairs, so that I might open the back door for… unfortunately too late. She has a bad case of the runs… diarrhoea. So four squits on the lounge carpet and seven dollops on the kitchen vinyl flooring. Now, I have been a parent for 33 years, so this type of awakening has been a common enough occurrence, but cleaning carpets and floors of sloppy smelly dogshit is not the greatest morning glory I’ve ever had. So here’s a sick playlist. Because that’s How I feel!



Sick For Toys – Sugar Cubes

Sick – Sneaker Pimps

Sick Of Being Sick – The Damned

Sicklemoon – Xmal Deutschland

The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn – The Pogues

Homesick – The Cure

Sick & Tired – The Cardigans

Sick Child – Siouxsie & the Banshees

Dope Sick Girl – Rancid

I’m Sick Y’all – Otis Redding

Sick Things – Alice Cooper

Sick Ass Moon – !!!

Lovesick Blues – Linda Rondstadt


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