Earlier lives were much more interesting…

And much fewer people populated them.

Even as a King, I knew less people.

I was shadowed by loyal thanes…

And no commoners came near.

Did I like it like that?

It never occurred to me to ask!


As a Jew in the Russian steppes

I knew the villagers,

I knew the fear of Cossacks ,

I knew Yahweh…

And the Rabbi was a shmuck!

But the farm occupied my mind

And my wife was a blessing…

Did I like it like that?

Life was too arduous to ask stupid questions.


As a boy on the western front,

I sat amongst my pals,

Lads I had grown-up with,

Gone to school, into work,

And into battle…

Of one skin, apart from non-commissioned officers,

And the commissioned of course.

So, we were of one place…

Did i like it like that?

Died of wounds before I had chance to pose the question.


And now?

I have friends across the planet,

but I sit alone.

My angel sleeps,

And I paint, or write, or blather…

But it’s a still life.

Still alive.






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