Yesterday evening, we were called into action as babysitters. Amy is now fit enough, after her Cesarean section, to begin taking exercise. As a gymnastics coach, you can imagine how important fitness is to her. So, yesterday she had her first session with her fitness coach… and I was called into action as a babysitter. So, I got to hear, first hand, how loud my little Phoenix can scream. I can report, officially, this is very loud! Mum fed her just before she left for the gym, but within half an hour, she was hungry again! Just after farting very loudly and filling her nappy, with all the vigour of a labourer filling a concrete void. So, I got to do a series of firsts. Changing her nappy, tick; changing her babygrow, tick; and preparing her bottle, tick; making sure not to taste the mother’s milk to make sure it was the right temperature, that would be gross; and then giving her a bottle… which she managed to demolish within seconds!

She likes her food! Of course, the speed of delivery, causes a secondary problem… Wind!

She gets a lot of wind, and she lets you know about it. She screamed for about 30 minutes, I used all my parenting knowledge, to alleviate this by walk up and down, and by tapping her bottom. Gradually the storm abated and she snuggled down into my shoulder. I slipped down slowly into the sofa… and we both drifted off into sleep.

A momentary relief. My phone rang. I had changed the ring tone yesterday, so when it rang, I had no idea what the horrible noise was nor where it was coming from. I found it and it was Amy. How’s my Baby?

Well, she was a asleep until you rang! but now she’s screaming again!

“Well excuse me for wanting to know how my baby was!”

Grandchildren are such a blessing!

The blessing being, that unlike children of your own, they are not your constant responsibility, and when they scream, you can give them back!

I love the fact that my daughter trusts me to look after her little precious one, but I also love the fact I can give her back.


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