Having to take the dogs for a walk at 6.30 am as it is so hot here. There have been warnings about taking the dogs out in the full sun as the asphalt is too hot for their paws. With my two they revel in running around at full- speed, with Ellie particularly stretched by prolonged running, as it can cause her to pant excessively for an hour after, so despite being off work and itching to go for a decent walk, I have to be mindful of their needs… Which is a short distance in the early morning. After five days of this, they have come to expect it. So they begin their pressure on me about 6 am. This amounts to jumping all over me as I drink my first cup of tea. Freya shows me where the leads are, Ellie shows me where the ball is… Even though, I know where they are, as I put them there… They seem pretty sure that as I’m so old, I must be suffering from short-term memory loss!

I’m not… But I’m sure there help will be a god-send when I actually do start forgetting things.


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