After struggling to work out why I didn’t like my last painting for two days, I decided the dolphin looked photo-shopped in, and the colours were not right. So, rather than waste more time fiddling with it I decided to take it back to black. Normally, I would just discard the canvas, but as I spent a lot of time over a year ago, preparing the canvas’s texture, it has been built up with gesso and plaster to give it a rough finish, I blacked it out, so that when the black dries I can paint it white, and the colours behind wont bleed through. I know many will think this is heretical, but if something doesn’t work for me, then I have to get rid of it. Ultimately, I paint for my own pleasure, so self-editing your output is a necessary part of the process. I am the same with my writing… I have discarded a novel after writing 330 pages, simply because I lost belief in the project.

Thanks for your support, but I’m really happy to get rid of the painting and start again… It’s like shaving off a really bad beard, which I did yesterday too. You feel clean and refreshed, and ready to start again.


5 thoughts on “BACK TO BLACK

  1. Ahhhhhh the dolphins disappeared!!!!! Well I loved them anyway but you are the artist and it has to work for you and you have to feel it. Looking forward to what comes next

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