A Happy Song – Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Be Happy Children – Paul Weller

Double Happy – Split Enz

Everybody’s Happy These days – Buzzcocks

Grandbags Funeral – Happy Mondays

Happy – Mazzy Star

Happy Again – Longpigs

Happy Be Fine – Polica

Happy Birthday – King Crimson

Happy Birthday – Altered Images

Happy Birthday – The Birthday Massacre

Happy Castle – The Crotched Doughnut Ring

Happy Day – Talking Heads

Happy Faces – the Maccabees

Happy Gallopers – The Savages

Happy House – Siouxsie & the Banshees

Happy Nurse – the Sugarcubes

Happy Time – Tim Buckley

Happy When it Rains – The Jesus & Mary Chain

Just Can’t Get Happy Today – The Damned

I’m Happy just to Dance with You – The Beatles

Shiny Happy People -REM

The Happy End – Mercury Rev

There is a Happy Land – David Bowie

Violently Happy -Bjork

Snapped the Black mood with a happy find… I went to Hobby craft to get more White acrylic paint. Had to wait for the store to open at 10.30, so went into Poundworld, which is closing down, just to kill time. Discovered they had canvas boards the size I use and they were reduced to 80p each, which is approx a u.s.dollar a piece, $1.40 canadian and Australian,or 72 rupees. Given that 12 canvases usually cost £20, I cleared their stock, and then went to the other poundworld in town and cleared their stock too.

So now I have 50 canvas boards for £40 or if you prefer, 26 free canvases for what I normally pay. So, by happenstance I have been given a Godsend, and a sign from the universe that I should keep painting… Despite my self-immolation last night.

When the world gives you lemons… or limes,( I am colour-blind), you make lemonade.

So I can’t get the ocean right… C’est la vie, C’est la Guerre.


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