These two tubes are labelled light green and light blue. The one on the right, looks blue to me, the one on the left looks lilac. It’s a little thing, the blue/green/lilac colour blindness, I mean my son is colour-blind on red, orange brown and green… That must be awful. My Granddad  was a great artist, but painted black roses thinking they were red… He did what I have tended to do, work in black and white… I still have two of his beautiful pen and ink pictures. He died in the war, so I never got to meet him… But I’m still proud of who he was.

My problem with my own colour-blindness is that I love the ocean and I love nature… So it is so frustrating that I can’t paint them as they are in reality. I try to use tones to create a mood poem of what the ocean and trees mean to me. But, so far, I have never been able to fulfil my creative ambition. Last night, I felt very sorry for myself… But then I looked at the paintings I have done and I thought of all the people who would love to be able to paint like that… Even if I do disparage myself by calling it paint by numbers…

So the moral of this little homily?

I guess: concentrate on the things you can do,

don’t let your shortcomings overwhelm you,

Just keep swimming!

Love to all


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