The last three days out on our walk, we have lost our ball.

The small park at the end of our street has a slope on one side and a stream on the other side. The stream is encase with ten foot walls. the wall is about two feet high on the pathside but drops down another 8ft to the stream.

Day 1

Ellie, the labrador, somehow managed to bounce the ball off the wall three times and then dropped into the stream. Much consternation between the two dogs, both being tempted to jump in and rescue the ball. Both had the good sense to realise that this was not a good idea. We followed the stream down as the ball trundled along with the flow of the stream. At the bridge we crossed over and 50 yards further down the stream, the girls found a gentle slope down to the stream, and charged up and down the water trying to find their ball. To no avail.

So, both had to be towelled down on our return, and spent an hour in their cages whilst they dried out.

Day Two

We went down to the park as before, and after the first throw of the ball, Freya, the border collie, deliberately dropped the ball over the side of the wall and made for the bridge. She obviously thought that this was now part of the fun of our walk. They both shot along to the place they had found which allowed them access to the stream. Freya went off at top speed upstream, and returned with the ball we had lost the day before.

The other ball was trapped further up the stream, we could see it but couldn’t reach it.

I could possibly have waded out to release the ball, but being 58 years of age, I thought that perhaps, I didn’t care enough about the fate of a ball, to risk falling over in the stream and getting soaked. Once again, the girls had to be dried off and sent to their cages to dry off properly.

Day 3

This morning, I took a tennis ball rather than a rubber ball, my thinking being that a tennis ball doesn’t bounce so high. I got to throw it three or four times, then inexplicably I didn’t release the ball as I tried to throw the ball up the slope, but instead threw it straight into the stream. Another ball lost. hey ho.


One thought on “THREE BALL TRICK

  1. So funny! Maggie would pinch other dogs balls and not give them back! MOH (our friend of long standing) borrowed our ‘sling shot’ for his dog and on the first throw the ball went sailing over someone’s back fence. We walked on, Buddy was not impressed!

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