Looking after little Phoenix this afternoon, I decided to walk with her in the pushchair into town, to check on my bank account… For reasons which I wont go into, I needed to check my balance and switch some money into my son’s account. When I got to the bank I put my card into the atm and it just swallowed it. Not in the normal way, I hadn’t put in the wrong number or asked for more money than I have… It simply had not gone into the machine. The machine was not where it should be, but there was a void between the front of the atm and the mechanism.

So, I went into the branch and told the bank teller that they machine had swallowed my card…

She said, We can’t access it until the end of business.

I said that’s not what is happening. The Machine has not been connected properly, I haven’t caused my card to be kept… I think you need to check it out.

So, I got two Bank Managers outside to check the atm, and lo and behold I was right!

They had had a workman in to fix the machine and he had not re-attached into the housing properly. Suddenly, They could access the machine, and they were nice as pie to me, would you care to take a seat sir, whilst we look into it. Not really, I’m holding on to a pushchair.

The Bank Manager appeared with a bank card… What is your name sir? The name on that bloody card! I didn’t say that… I just thought it.

I managed to do the business required and walked back home.

The point to this homily? Most people would have been put off by the standard reply, we can’t access the atm until closing. And if I had been taken in by that, the Bank would probably have had many more disgruntled customers.

So, my Jedi mind trick of saying, no. That’s not what is going to happen, calmly and authoritatively, saved myself and others from a great deal of stress. Happy it is I am with this.


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