All I Think About Now – The Pixies

Can’t Help Thinking About Me – David Bowie

Don’t Think It’s Me – Smokie Robinson

He Thinks I Still Care – Kirsty MacColl

Honey D’ya Think – Janis Ian

I Kinda Think He Does – Carla Thomas

I Think I’m Paranoid – Garbage

I Think I’m Wonderful – The Damned

I Think We’re Alone Now – Lene Lovich

No Time to Think – Bob Dylan

Not The Girl You Think You Are – Crowded House

Sittin And Thinkin – The Spencer Davis Group

Think For yourself – The Beatles

Think Harder – Sneaker Pimps

Think I’m In Love – Beck

Think That I Might – Altered Images

Think Twice – Groove Armada

Think Zinc – T.Rex

Thinking Like That – Hope Sandoval & The warm Inventions

Think Of The Ocean – Porcelain Raft

My day of feeling sorry for myself for being back at work was abruptly brought up short, when my partner and soul mate told me that her step-father had died this morning. He had been ill for some time, spending the last few years constantly strapped to an oxygen tank, but even though it may be expected… It still brings you to the now when death rears its head. As my Marie is a very private person, I won’t go into the details any further.

What I can elucidate about is how this made me think. I feel we are so channelled into what we do to earn enough to live… That we forget to actually live beyond that.

Most of the people here on wordpress are actually doing something about that. You are writers, painters, musicians beyond the headline of what you do for a living. I feel that this has to be more healthy than just being described by the job you do.

When I was younger, I used to rail at the question what do you do?

I used to answer, I’m a Poet… The rest is just for survival.

Anyway enough of my blather…

Rest in Peace, Ray.


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