Single-handedly the great will o’the wisp head has united the UK, left and right, in shock.

Please, take your folly back home, America, I appreciate your sense of humour, but really your trump card is a joke too far. His words:

If Mrs. May persists in seeking a so-called soft exit from the European Union, Mr. Trump reportedly told The Sun, she can forget about a separate pact with the United States. He described her approach as “very unfortunate.”

“If they do that,” the paper quoted him as saying, “then their trade deal with the U.S. will probably not be made.”

He had much warmer words for Boris Johnson, the ambitious British politician who just quit as foreign minister in an open break with May.

Mr. Johnson, he said, would “make a great prime minister.”

He Would make a great Prime Minister in the same way Trump makes a Great President…

Really, How did this happen?


7 thoughts on “JOKER

  1. No, and please remember that he was not elected with unanimity. Some of us DID exercise our right and selected other options. He is NOT America. There are people living in this country that wake up every day and have to swallow the vomit rising in our throats every time we see what’s come out next from this megalomaniac narcissist.

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  2. Donald Trump has redefined what it means to be an ironic president, and it’s not funny. There is a quote that says “irony trumps everything,” because it “provides additional richness to the literary dish,” and it “keeps us readers on our toes, inviting us, compelling us, to dig through layers of possible meaning and competing signification.” But now it seems Donald Trump “ironies” everything, and it’s not making anything richer, except him and his buddies.

    It may seem that delving into how words work and layers of meaning is not only a trivial pursuit, but potentially a dangerous distraction from the real political work that ought to be done. But irony is never simply a trivial matter and even less so in an era where just about every word we know is losing its meaning and everything that makes sense feels under attack.

    What is bitter irony? It is when something is SO ironic that it HURTS.

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