Lost Girl – Jonas Bjerre

Lost In Sound – Alex Smoke

Lost & Found – Aluna George

Lost Cause – Beck

Lost Patrol – Big Country

Baby Get Lost – Billie Holiday

Island Of lost Souls – Blondie

Lost – Blue Foundation

The Lost Day – Brian Eno

Lost In A Supermarket – The Clash

Theft, And Wandering around Lost – Cocteau Twins

Lost Continent – Comsat Angels

Love Is Lost – David Bowie

So You Say You Lost Your Baby – Death in Vegas

You’re Lost Little Girl – The Doors

Lost Worker Bee – Elbow

Lost highway – Jeff Buckley

No Love Lost – Joy Division

Lost Myself – The Longpigs

Since I Lost You Girl – The Monitors

Lost In Space Music – Public Enemy

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – Righteous Bros.

Lost & Found – The Saints

Lost Northern Star – Tarja Turunen

The oppressive sticky close weather today, has made me feel quite lost and disaffected… Almost without a thought in my head… Never one to let an opportunity pass, I found some great tunes in my collection to explore the feelings of loss.


4 thoughts on “LOST PLAYLIST

  1. You know Jonas Bjerre?? You, my friend, are full of surprises 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love Jonas, I had the chance to meet him briefly, and he is an awesome guy!! And what a voice… *Sigh* Thank you for posting this, I didn’t even know about “Lost girl” xx

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