Emily Lloyd was the star of “Wish You Were Here” a 1987 film based on the early life of society ‘madam’ Cynthia Payne. She gave a flawless performance, but I think playing a sexually promiscuous character at such an early age, she was just 15/16 when she shot the film, unleashed demons from her earlier life, according to Wikipedia, she was abused as a very young girl, and this led to her having severe mental issues for much of her adult life.

These bare facts lead to a feeling I have had for a very long time… The use of young children in films with dark issues contained with in them, does the actors no favours, acting is difficult enough to get to grips with even as an adult, it gives you some very weird notions about who you are… Are you the character or are you you? Is the plain ordinary you  of any value? Obviously, if you are a grounded individual, with a normal background these fears can be faced down… But it not always easy… I have played the role of a psychopath, and you can be left in a dark place afterwards.

I believe Emily Lloyd to have been a very fine, natural actress, and I loved the film… But I’m sorry that she took the role. I would have rather she became a happy person than a sad but brilliant actress.

As the old Noel Coward song says…

Don’t put your Daughter on the stage, Mrs. Worthington… It’s not all that it’s made up to be!



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