She calls me gorgeous…

Because I’m patently not,

But it pleases her to boost my self-worth,

I accept her sobriquet as read,

Because I’m patently so…

On the inside.


Yet she, the immortal she,

She is the most beautiful woman,

Inside and out, always the most beautiful,

I have ever known.

She energises my life

Thrills me beyond words,

So that I can only share my feelings,

Through telepathy.



8 thoughts on “GORGEOUS

  1. He is more than a hero
    he is a god in my eyes–
    the man who is allowed
    to sit beside you — he

    who listens intimately
    to the sweet murmur of
    your voice, the enticing

    laughter that makes my own
    heart beat fast. If I meet
    you suddenly, I can’

    speak — my tongue is broken;
    a thin flame runs under
    my skin; seeing nothing,

    hearing only my own ears
    drumming, I drip with sweat;
    trembling shakes my body

    and I turn paler than
    dry grass. At such times
    death isn’t far from me

    – Sappho

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