My first year of blogging is nearly over, I think I’ve got 6 weeks before my year is up… As of yet, I have not paid to renew my subscription. Although I have found it amazing and great value… I love that I can talk to people all over the world… I no longer feel the imperative to write. I thought, a year ago, that I had a lot of things to write. I wanted to re-ignite my writing, stories, poetry and polemical, and for a while, I did that. However, since my grand-daughter was born, I found that it was Art that I simply had to do. The writing of blogs since that time has become perfunctory at best… and eventually it has become a drain on my most valuable resource… Time. It takes a lot of time to maintain a following in the blogosphere, and that time becomes increasingly wasteful. I have a group of wonderful bloggers who all give me and each other, great support, and I thank them all for that support from the bottom of my heart. It has given me a renewed faith in people. The problem is that although I have 318 followers, I have to spend so much time reading everyone’s blogs, I simply don’t have enough time left to think and write my own. We have become a closed group, I’m not reaching out beyond fellow bloggers. When I began, I put a lot of  effort trying to reach other readers beyond the blogging world, but this was a limited success.

Now, I feel I don’t really have enough to say to maintain a regular blog. I would rather spend my spare time painting. I have limited time, as I have to work 50 hours a week just to keep my head above the water.

So, with a heavy heart, I don’t think I will be renewing my subscription beyond October.

Thanks to all for have followed my blather.


16 thoughts on “TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG?

  1. Shame, but I understand perfectly. I have a free site and a lot of time goes into my blog. My time is my own as I took early retirement, and other than Hubby and the dog, I have no family commitments. I’ve enjoyed your paintings and darling little Phoenix, though I’m one of your later followers. Good luck and take care. Time is precious.

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  2. I am not very convinced to read this since you were one of my early followers dale, and I still remember your comment on my post saying that I taught you a new word, ‘sweven’. I hope you remember too. You supported me constantly. Enjoy your time and say my hello to little Phoenix

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  3. A beautiful painting Dale.
    You should do what you love. We shall really miss your painting and little stories about baby Phoenix.

    Hope you know you can have a free website on wordpress.

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