If I Ever Thought You’d Change Your Mind – Agnetha Faltskog

Deep Thought – Austra

He Thought Of Cars – Blur

Die gedken Sind Frei ( Thoughts Are Free) – Brazilian Girls

The Thought That Counts – Comsat Angels

Warm Thoughts – Flume

Thoughtless – Korn

Are My Thoughts With You – Linda Ronstadt

One Thought At A time – Massive Attack

The Thoughts Of Mary Jane – Nick Drake

The Black Dog Runs At night – Thought Gang

Thoughts Of you – Wave

Just as I Thought – William Bell

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler – Yacht

Theme For Thought – Virgin Prunes

All Of My Thoughts – Spiritualized

Thoughts Of You – Shara Nelson

One Second’s Thoughtlessness – Madness

Thoughtforms – Lush

One Christmas For Your Thoughts – The Duritti Column

Pretty much spent. Ideas are non-sequential and nonsensical. Slept for most of the day.

Dale. ( Shame I have a painting a couple of hours from completion. Just couldn’t be arsed!)

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