grad with kids


Four years I toiled,

Is the lie…

For truth be told

Two and a half

were a breeze…

High on life and luck

drink drugs and fuck,

Work did not come into it!


But then and there,

Amidst the Hedonism,

My mind took flame.

Enchanted by Baudrillard

And Levi-Strauss

Cultural Examination

Became my  new science

And awoke a coarse reality.


This reality became a religion,

Ans as such meant I was useless

In Commerce and consumerism.

What I learnt was a harsh lesson,

A lesson, I would not wish to share…

For it bitters the pill of modernity.

All that is left is a toaist approach

And as such, All I could use was my hands.


My mind had to be free,

And could not be sullied

By a Sell-out clause…

Labour hard without excuse…

But it is a sin, a mortal sin,

To deny your mental accuity,

and the flow of years,

are awash with tears.


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