Remix playlist

this is not a mind trip (temple of boom remix)- air liquide

gepetto (remix) – belly

step it remix – burning spear

hallo spaceboy remix – david bowie /petshop boys

miss you (peaking lights remix) – clinic

say hello (paul van dyke remix) – deep dish

under the water (deep dish/underworld remix) – brother brown

fascination street (extended remix) – the cure

pacific (grooverider remix) – 808 state

in the flesh remix – blondie

in your room (the jeep rock remix) -depeche mode

don’t be light (neptunes remix) – air

wiseguy (the prunes remix) – blue foundation

god is a dj (dj teisto/faithless remix)

i see you baby (hauswork remix) -groove armada

keep feeling fascination razormaid remix – human league

lust for life (prodigy remix) – iggy pop

the sweetest chill (chris kimsey 12″ remix)

siouxsie & the banshees

spin spin sugar (moby remix) -sneaker pimps

hold me now remix – thompson twins

bruce lee (futureshock remix) – underworld

watching the detectives remix – elvis costello

moses (spaceland remix ) – elizabeth fraser



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