There are now 250, 000 scientific papers on climate change (source: inside science radio 4) can you imagine that? How much paper does that in fact take? Are papers about climate change actually contributing to climate change? I mean, you imagine the amount of trees that amount of papers consume. Poor innocent living, breathing trees chopped down in the prime of their life… and for what? To  go to describe the destruction of rain forests?

Ok. I shall say this only once. I have been campaigning for green issues for over 30 years, and this is the simple truth and nobody will say this. World pollution is a product of capitalism. That’s it. very simple. Dismantle capitalism, stop creating exponential growth to create interest which can be skimmed off for the capitalist moguls, and we can save the world. Stop consuming and start sharing, create small units of humanity who work together in meaningful ways to make their community better.

That is the only way to stop pollution, climate change etc etc etc. Of course nobody will accept this analysis, because Capitalism is God. So thanks for all your campaigning against plastic waste in the ocean, about the destruction of the forests, about the loss of bio-diversity, but if you do not take this bitter pill… Your world is doomed.


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