So here’s the thing. Saturday, I took Ellie and Freya for a run around the park. They love the leaves… crashing around like idiots… So about three hours later, we are sat around, we’ve got Phoenix for the day, so we are quite busy. Anyway, I notice Freya licking her foot. I look at it and find she has a massive gash there, it’s not really bleeding much, but its very deep! So I have to leave Phoenix with my beloved, and I take Freya to the vets. She needs stitches, but they can’t do it there and then. So I have to wait until Monday morning, mean time I have to give her painkillers and anti-biotics.  five minute consulatation, £61 fee.

Monday. She goes to the vets at 9 am and has an operation under full anaesthetics. I pick her up at 4 p.m. and she is still really groggy and not at all herself. She has the lampshade on her head… £241 fee. She keeps bashing into everything, so I take the cone off her head until she is more compos mentis. I fell asleep on the settee as she is not fit enough to come upstairs to bed. I was supposed to put the cone back on her head… but fell asleep before I had chance. I woke at 4 a.m. She is chipper and wants some food. So I feed her, then I look at her wound and to my dismay discover she has chewed off the stitches.

Another day at the vets, another full anaesthetic operation, and another £245 fee.

Moral: Don’t be a soft twat! Just because she looked uncomfortable in the cone, my soft heartedness has ended up causing her another day of trauma and cost my beloved another £250 and I feel like a complete prick!

This is another happy day, this is what I find so wonderful! (Samuel Beckett)


4 thoughts on “BAD DAY

  1. Poor Freya. Hugs and treats by proxy if she’s allowed them.
    Maggie had an op on Friday and we too parted with over £200. No cone of shame though and this wasn’t needed for her mammary strip in 2015 or her foot op earlier this year which was a relief. We bought some baby’s socks and put one on Maggie’s foot, securing it with micropore when we took her out.
    Vets are expensive though, especially if you don’t have insurance, which we don’t anymore as our premium more than doubled after a claim, so I just keep some money in reserve for the Puppy Fund.


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