Oh God,

From the first day… back in the day,

the first day, an august day, 1976,

I saw you and realised

you stole my heart, you bitch!

And that was it.  A thunderbolt

Thor clapped around the ears,

By a Games Master, who found me with a fag…

You had passed to me to palm.

With no guile, I just took the punishment.

You see, do you see, what you did to me?

Stole my quick wits,

Because my senses were overloaded,

by the youness of you.. you bitch!

And you have had my heart and my soul

for 42 years now,

And you carry them so lightly,

Like they are not a burden…

Which I know not to be true…

I will give all I am to be with you always…

You bitch… because you are my bitch…

and I am in heat for you!


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