I scorn the sleepy lethe waters which strive to abate my pains,

yet is the dissolution of pain more valuable than frank lucidity?

The tincture taken leaves my wiring fused…

A low wattage affair- a dim and distant light lost in the ferment of fog!
Like an express train, parked in a leafy siding,

forgotten in the dark forest, I long for the clear skies

Let real pain re-enter my dulled and limpid body.

Let lucid thought race across my tortured synapses,

I will take up the mantle again and fight the good fight!


Just found this sent to Marie, by me. I have absolutely no recollection of it. One of her Facebook accounts was lit up saying she was on line… And when I opened chat there it was. I searched my poetry archive, thinking it may be Keats or Shelley? Not there, I googled it and found I was the only reference. So I guess I must have written it!

Fits my mood so perfectly, guess someone knows exactly what i need.

Dale xxximg_20181106_2014067583865504780556115.jpg

6 thoughts on “LUCIDITY

    1. I took a day off yesterday, Tuesday beat me up somewhat, so I thought Wednesday I would chill… Try not to let everything overwhelm me. Plus, didn’t get much sleep and I was physically drained by the pain of grief. So tonight, it’s 3:20 am now, I’m in much more serene state… Though I’m still awake.


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