As I write this letter,

send my love to you,

my blood runs from my veins,

silken threads of crimson

I feel no pain, but heart-ache

You have left me adrift…

In this inverse boat…

The blood quickened by the heat

Of the water, and the wine…

Is just for light relief.

I cannot go back to the half-life,

The tick tock of seconds

Turning into hours.

I’m not that brave,

Can’t take the stage again.

Its not your fault,

I would like to say,

But it is… I am your unbidden burden,

You never sought to be my Judge

Or jury.

The truth is I tried myself,

I’m guilty of over-investing,

In a sure thing,

But nobody is ever a sure thing…

I know that now.

I tried , you tried and now you have gone…

Don’t worry baby, I’m on my way.

Sorry, didn’t realise that this sounds so suicidal, It is a poem from my archive, an imagined situation… Which has now come into a harsh reality. I am coping quite well, I feel my Marie is right here with me, and I will never consider suicide as an option. I’m surrounded by loving family and friends, and I have a duty of care to them which I take very seriously. My little Phoenix is just starting out in life, and she will require my presence for as long as I can possibly keep going. I’m so sorry if I have caused any distress to anyone, believe me that is the last thing either myself or Marie would wish.

So many beautiful souls out there in the world, it has given me fresh hope…

If we could just get rid of the idiots in charge, I think the planet can still be saved.


15 thoughts on “THIS LETTER

    1. SORRY CATHERINE, it is a poem I wrote last year. I will not be suicidal… Ever! I have wonderful children and grandchild, who Marie would never forgive me if I abandoned them. So sorry, if I upset you

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    1. Honestly Catherine, I’m doing much better than I could even imagine. She is here with me. I’m not even drinking heavily. I’m surrounded by people who love me, The poems are from my archive… not my current state of mind.

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