I’m missing my beloved so much! She performed so many roles in my life, it feels like I’m missing five loved ones. She was first and foremost my life partner, our souls entwined, we shared a love so deep, so long – lasting, there can never be a replacement. I have to carry on… but how I have no idea.

Secondly, she was my best friend, we talked constantly about everything. The person with whom I shared the minutia of life. Every bit of news or minor event I would pass on to her. She said That I never shut up. She is right. I wanted to share everything with her… so I did!

Thirdly, she was my lover, the best lover in the world. Our bodies connected in a way I cannot describe with words. We inhabited each others minds as well as bodies. We were beautiful together.

Fourthly, She was my life Manager, She taught me the best ways to help my children…

Everything good I did for them, she told me how to do it. She taught me how to be a better person. Now I’m afraid everybody will just have to put up with my shambling advice and muddle-headedness.

Fifthly, She was my accountant, she dealt with everything, so much so, I never had to worry about finances, phone accounts, internet providers, insurance, booking holidays, She did it all. She said that I was an artist, I should concentrate on that. I wish my art was better, and more productive… Oh well, all I can do is my best!

All of these roles, rolled up into one. There will never be another like her. I know that her soul is still with me, and I am asking her advice every five minutes… But it’s not the same. I need her to hold, to cuddle, to kiss, and to adore! What do you when you lose an Angel?

You give thanks that you had her to yourself for eight years! And thank the lord you have carried her in your heart for more than forty years!

My Marie was a blessing to me, all my adult life, she showed what love is and what it could be…




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