Feeling pretty good about myself today. Ok so  I spent three hours on the phone which I will never get back, but I have sorted everything out! All of our bills were paid by direct debit, all from Marie’s account which we shared but I was never named on. Also all billing was done on-line to her e-mail account which I can’t access because I don’t have her password. But undaunted I have managed to find Gas, Electric, internet, telephones, water rates and council tax and cancel all the bills coming from her account and transfer them across into my own account. Such a relief! I won’t have the water turned off, won’t lose electricity or Gas… I won’t lose my internet access or my mobile phone; and I won’t be summonsed for not paying my taxes. All in all a day which Marie would be proud of!

I have not dealt with any household bills in 8 years, but now I know I can deal with things myself. That is a massive positive step forward.

Now if I can just work out how the Vacuum works….

live in love



  1. Bless you………… step one: take it out of the cupboard, plug in and away you go. 😀
    Hubby and I used to have his and hers hoovers as the cylinder hurt my back but was good for DIY clear ups so was his and I liked an upright.

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