Finally, after nearly two fruitless weeks of dental records and Dna testing, The police came around to get me to Formally identify my Marie’s tattoo. A two minute job, and I got a sense of closure. A finality which, even though intellectually I already knew to true, in my heart I hoped there had been  a mistake. I saw my name on her Beautiful skin and knew, at last, it was true. I’m hoping that this will help me to stop waiting for the phone to ring and to hear her on the phone. I know it is  normal, but It’s bloody annoying when I catch myself doing it. So at last, the temporary death certificate will be released and we can get the funeral set.

Some bits of this are really hard!

Live in Love

Dale xxx

9 thoughts on “TATTOO

  1. Our family went through the same thing with waiting for, first, finding the body then the horrible foreverness of identifying him. In the end, it was a unique tattoo that confirmed what we already knew. My heart is with you.

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