just found two pictures of Marie in an old handbag, one is pre- israel, the other is on a beach in Egypt just after leaving the kibbutz… so beautiful to find a picture with her hair untamed… and one of her enjoying the beach looking gorgeous! You can probably understand why I have loved her for 42 years….

Bagged up Marie’s clothes for charity shop… Dismantled her wardrobe, because its beyond repair, took it downstairs and into the garden, ready to take to the skip when i’ve got a vehicle big enough to take it. i’m absolutely shattered, physically and emotionally, also found my birthday presents, already prepared and Phoenix’s birthday present! God How I am going to live up to her standards?

Seven bags of clothes and shoes… Who knew she needed so many clothes?

I spend £10 a year on my clothes, whether I need it or not!

Live in love

Dale xxx


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