This massive feather just appeared beside me as I was informing everyone of my Marie’s funeral arrangements. I know most of my followers on here are from all over the world, but if anyone knows me and follows me, the funeral will be at 2.40 pm Monday 28th January, at Crewe Crematorium, Cheshire.

She reminded me this morning of a ritual we did when we first moved in together. We went and plucked Holly and ivy leaves then shredded them together and split them in to two silk bags, I know this sounds very pagan, old magic… But we have both kept our bags on or around our person every day since… She plucked this memory out for me this morning as I was feeling very sorry for myself and very lonely. She was showing me that she is still here, the ying to my yang. We are two halves of a whole. Nothing will ever change that!

Live in love

Dale xxx

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