It is an absolute disgrace that in this day and age, you have no rights to your partner’s estate, if you are not married. An half uncle has more legal entitlement than I do, even though we have lived together for 8 years. We have done everything together, paid for everything jointly, but because I cannot find a will, I am without any legal empowerment, even though I have had to deal with a myriad of problems, had to identify her body and organise her funeral… I count as nothing in her life!
I do not care about money, I would give everything I have if I could bring her back, she is my world! But it’s so frustrating to be treated like I’m scum by officialdom. The Police and the Coroner’s court regard me as Marie’s next of kin, but the financial services seem to see intestate as a money making opportunity. Thank God that (Tanya) Maria’s family have been so supportive. Most companies have been very helpful, but the car insurance and 3 phone company have been terribly unhelpful. When you whole world has been destroyed, the last thing you need is officialdom who are not interested in doing what is right, just in making you jump through hoops.


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