My border collie, Freya and my labrador/ pointer Ellie, have both been my biggest nightmare and my biggest boon, for the same reason! It doesn’t matter how miserable I’m feeling, My grenades of joy, will not let me lie in bed, they will not let me stew in my own misery. They need feeding, they need loving, they need walking and they will not accept no as an answer!

That impetus every day makes me get up and face the world… Even if I’d much rather curl up in a ball, stay in bed, and cry me a river. Even as I grumble down the stairs to let them out in the morning, I realise that this is probably the best thing for me. Plus, even when I don’t feel like having company, they remain stalwart, constantly within touching distance, giving me unconditional love, no matter how miserable or angry I get.

They are my buttresses, holding me up and making me carry on, and I know this can only be cathartic, given the state I’m in! So bless you both my little ones, for your love and for your companionship. xxx



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