me and you m

This big aching void in my soul is paralysing.

I was so concentrated on being us, I’ve forgotten how to be me.

23 days on my own and I’m still thinking as a royal ‘we’…

Still mindful that I have to do what is best for us,

yet Us is no longer an option.

Me and the dogs,

Are just a fragment of Us…

And we have no rudder,

Afloat but un-seaworthy,

Every wave threatens to swamp us…

To swamp me.

To wake from a night’s sleep,

In floods of tears…

With no obvious cause,

Except the obvious cause,

You are not here,

Without you,

The Us equation is incomplete,

And the maths no longer works.

One times infinity…

Just doesn’t compute.


Sorry feeling sad and empty this morning.


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