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In the last eighteen months my blogs have reached across the planet, I have been read by people from chile to alaska, Russia and china to Africa, New Zealand to Finland, India to Mexico… All wonderful people connected by a daft blogger, with a creative bent and an open heart… This really makes me have hope for the world. People have reached out to me, in my grief and sorrow, from all over the planet, from a local lad, who owns a Pizza shop in Crewe, who read my words and offered me free food, he said I was brave, yet He had lost both his parents at the age of twenty in Iran, and made his way to England to build a business for himself, a man of great courage and endurance, yet he calls me brave? I have had support from a young girl in India, Shreya, who has had the maturity to be able to touch me with her kindness, and Has taught me English words that I didn’t even know… Amazing as English is her second language…and today a friend from Uganda, Ngabirano Keneth, who is doing amazing work in his blog, who touched me greatly with his wisdom and kindness…

So many beautiful caring people all over the planet, from Holland, USA, Canada, Pakistan Italy, even the UK, and Palestine territories, and I am overwhelmed with you all, and it truly gives me hope. For without the xenophobic nonsense of nationhood and racist hatred, we prove that the planet has the ability to become a community… A caring sharing community based on love. Love is truly the answer to all the ridiculous nonsense that is maliciously spread by the acquisitive elite of the planet. We need to disenfranchise this element of humanity and get back to the level of community care.

Ok diatribe over,

Live in love you wonderful people

and keep sharing that love

Dale xxx

7 thoughts on “GLOBAL COMMUNITY

  1. This was really beautiful to read. The examples you shared, of empathy and kindness of those who could have been self-absorbed with their own troubles, makes me realize again, that good people are still out there who want to make the world a better place.

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    1. thank you Cristileine, I’m afraid I don’t have any Portuguese, used to be quite fluent in spanish, but that was nearly forty years ago.


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