UNBELIEVABLE! I spent hours on the phone two weeks ago, cancelling direct debits from Marie’s account, which is now closed, and changing everything into my name and creating direct debits against my account. So far, the electric and Gas didn’t cancel Marie’s direct debit but mine which I had just set up. Then they wrote me a letter telling me they couldn’t get the direct debit because my bank account had been closed. So I rang my bank up to see if by some strange occurrence they had shut my account by mistake… No they hadn’t. So I spent another 3/4 hour on the phone explaining to them what they had done… eventually they accepted their mistake and kindly let me set up the direct debit again. one down. Then I went into Crewe to my bank to get a cheque out to pay for the funeral, and my Bank had closed down for refurbishment, so I had to drive into Nantwich, got the cheque and then drove all the way back to Crewe to take the cheque into Joe’s.
And now, drum roll please, 3 contacted me on the three app, so it must be true, to say that my contract was being terminated on the 2nd march. Another 15 min conversation to try and ascertain why this was the case, as I had made the payment required in the manner they had asked… She said your contract finishes in May, I said Yes I know that, I’m asking why have you sent me a message on the app saying it is being terminated on the 2nd March? Oh just ignore that… Customer Service in the modern age is just unbelievably bad… And joy of joys Ive just broken one of my front teeth. Anyone want to swap lives?

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