This sadness breaks like a tidal wave

I can see it coming but there is nowhere to hide…

It engulfs me and I don’t care if I do die!

The unbearable injustice of being,

without you,

Is insufferable.

The elements torment me,

With their dreams of a summer’s day,

when no summer can come,

Without you to light the way.

I torture myself with memories…

And keep to your way of doing,

just because I half-expect you will return.

We said we would never be apart,

And I said I’d be a heart beat behind you…

But its a promise I can’t keep,

Even though I want to …

With all my heart.

Unbearable choices have to be met,

Responsibilities to others

you would anticipate,

but I’m a poet!

And poet’s believe in romantic agony,

And the world without you…

is just hell!


dale xxxx


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